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Every Batman Ranked From Worst To Best

Na na na na na na na Batmen.

6 Oct 2015 Tom Nicholson

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12 Key Influences In Batman Begins

You thought that was all Nolan? No chance!

28 Sep 2015 Jack Pooley

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Christian Bale Will Drive Michael Mann's Ferrari Biopic

It'll be their second collaboration after Public Enemies.

21 Aug 2015 Daniel Kelly

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8 Actors Who Seriously Regret Turning Down Iconic Movie Roles

Josh Hartnett... you total dumbass.

11 Aug 2015 Sam Hill

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13 Hollywood Stars Who Voiced Favourite Studio Ghibli Characters

You're nobody if you've never gone Ghibli.

18 Jul 2015 Phil Archbold

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15 Planned Horror Film Remakes That Thankfully Never Happened

Some things are better left dead.

14 May 2015 Lewis Howse

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25 Incredibly Well-Made Horror Films Directed By Women

Women making horror movies?! Preposterous!

9 Feb 2015 Jesse Gumbarge


10 Stupid Arguments About Batman That Don't Make Sense

You think the no killing rule is BS? WRONG.

12 Jan 2015 Tom Baker

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10 Actors Who Are Notoriously Hard To Work With

High-maintenance is an understatement with this lot...

6 Jan 2015 Henry Jackson

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10 Things You Didn't Know About Christian Bale

From Bateman to Batman and beyond.

24 Dec 2014 Jonathan Cordiner

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12 Things You Didn't Know About December's Biggest Movies

Excited for December's movie slate? Here's some facts you didn't know.

9 Dec 2014 Jack Pooley

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10 Glaring Plot Holes You Didn't Realise The Movie Actually Solved

It's not a plot hole if the movie explains it.

21 Nov 2014 Alex Leadbeater


10 Reasons You’re Wrong About The Dark Knight Rises

Its punishment doesn't have to be more severe.

7 Nov 2014 Alex Leadbeater

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10 Movies People Only Dislike Because They’re Popular

Don't you just hate it when something becomes mainstream?

16 Oct 2014 Alex Leadbeater

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10 Most Convincing Movie Psychopath Performances

We're all familiar with Michael Myers, but who convinced us most in their psychopath roles?

13 Oct 2014 Ryan Hill

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10 Reasons Snyder's Batman Will Be Superior To Nolan's

Bat-nipples confirmed.

16 Sep 2014 Travis Earl


10 Bloodiest Mainstream Movies Ever

Bloody hell!

26 Aug 2014 Hugh Firth

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8 Movie Set Tantrums That Put People's Lives In Danger

The screaming fits and violent threats behind some of cinema's greatest works.

8 Aug 2014 Mark Allen

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12 "Based On True Stories" That Hollywood Totally Changed

The truth, the whole truth, and anything but the truth.

7 Jul 2014 Tom Baker