What Does The Ending Of The Prestige Really Mean?

"Now you're looking for the secret. But you won't find it because of course, you're not really…
By Benjamin Taylor
Batman Begins Batman Year One

12 Key Influences In Batman Begins

You thought that was all Nolan? No chance!
By Jack Pooley
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20 Movies That Are Flawed Masterpieces

Works of outstanding artistry - but not quite perfect.
By Sam Hill

8 Little Known Nuances In Tom Hardy’s Performance That Made Nolan’s Bane Awesome

The making of Bane.
By Alex Leadbeater
Batman Nolan

Zack Snyder Asked For Christopher Nolan's Blessing For Batman V Superman... And Barely Got It

Not that it would have stopped him.
By Dan Woburn
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Chris Nolan's 2017 Mystery Film Is Dunkirk

Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh & Mark Rylance to star in World War II re-telling?
By Matt Holmes
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10 Things You Didn't Know About Memento

Remember Sammy Jankis.
By Rob Leane
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Chris Nolan 2017: 10 Movies He Might Direct Next

It's time for Michael Caine to clear his schedule...
By Rob Leane
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10 Upcoming Movie Remakes That Must Be Stopped

When you remake Memento, you make people very, very angry.
By Sam Hill
Christopher Nolan shooting Interstellar

Christopher Nolan Has Plans For Several New Movies

He's going to keep IMAX very busy.
By Alex Leadbeater
Christopher Nolan Akira

6 Reasons Why Chris Nolan Should Direct Akira

Imagination is just a thin line away from psychosis.
By Vince Cicchino
Christopher Nolan shooting Interstellar

25 Best Directors In The World Right Now

The crème de la crème of modern filmmakers.
By Sam Hill
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10 Films With Amazing Casts That Should Have Been SO MUCH Better

Turns out a great cast does not a great movie make...
By Adam Thompson
The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight - Watch A Video Essay That Exposes The Film's Secrets

You'll never watch the 2008 blockbuster the same way again.
By Daniel Kelly
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8 Little Known Sacrifices Christian Bale Made To Make Nolan’s Batman Awesome

Time to appreciate greatness.
By Alex Leadbeater
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Will Christopher Nolan Take Over The James Bond Franchise If It Heads To Warner Bros?

Sony could lose James Bond as well as Spider-Man.
By Alex Leadbeater
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7 Tantalising Ways Anne Hathaway Made Her Catwoman Awesome

How Nolan and Hathaway make her the purr-fect version of the thief?
By Alex Leadbeater
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10 Essential Movies Christopher Nolan Demands You See

If you want to understand what makes Christopher Nolan tick, start here.
By Andrew Dilks
Christopher Nolan

10 Directors With The Most Movies In The IMDb Top 250

Hell of a career.
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Batman Begins Batman And Robin

13 Awesome Movies That Only Happened Because Of Awful Flops

Without the garbage, there would be no gold...
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15 Most Irritating Subplots In The Dark Knight Trilogy

From time-wasting plot MacGuffins to lame romances and every annoying subplot in-between...
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10 Stupid Arguments About Chris Nolan That Don't Make Sense

Or why you're wrong about Inception's internal logic.
By Tom Baker
Inception Spinning Top Gif

Christopher Nolan Movies: Ranking The Rug-Pull Moments

You know to expect a twist with Nolan.
By Toby McShane
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Interstellar: 10 Reasons It’s Nolan’s Worst Film

An inter-galactic swing and a miss...
By Brogan Morris
Jessica Chastain Interstellar

12 Things That Interstellar Got Right

Those aspects that Nolan's space epic got "alright, alright, alright."
By Sam Hill
Christopher Nolan Star Wars

12 Movies Christopher Nolan Should Make Next

What coming after Interstellar?
By Jack Pooley
Interstellar Wormhole

5 Things Interstellar's Science Gets Right (And 5 It Doesn't)

Scientifically, McCounaghey shouldn't be that orange.
By Tom Baker
Interstellar Ship

Interstellar: 10 Superior Philosophical Sci-Fi Films

Space smarts with 100% less Topher Grace.
By Tom Baker
Interstellar Matthew Mcconaughey Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan: Ranking His Films From Worst To Best

Let the arguments begin...
By Jonathan Cordiner
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10 Things Batman Vs Superman Won't Do Better Than The Dark Knight Trilogy

Is Batman Vs Superman already doomed to be a lesser Batman film?
By Joe Pring