13 Most Despicable Scumbag Characters In TV History

A disarmingly charismatic rogues' gallery to end them all.
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Glee Season 6

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Lea Michele Glee

7 Tearjerking TV Sitcom Tributes To Cast Members Who Died

Get the tissues, it's time to say goodbye to your favorite characters--and the actors playing…
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10 Songs Forever Ruined By TV Shows

For that awful association we all have between the end of The Sopranos and THAT Journey…
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Joan Of Arcadia

10 TV Shows That Would Have Been Better Off As Anthologies

With the success of True Detective's first season, which other TV shows might have benefitted…
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13 Giant TV Questions We Can't Wait To See Answered In 2014

Those nagging TV-based questions we're dying to know the answers to.
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12 Emotional TV Moments That Made Us All Cry In 2013

Deaths, heart-breaking endings and happiness combined to turn 2013's TV into an emotional…
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10 Minor TV Characters Who Ended Up Dominating The Series

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Glee Season 5

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T Bag Prison

10 Most Badass TV Bad Guys Of The 2000s

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10 Most Forgettable Leading Men On TV

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Glee 5.3 Review, "The Quarterback"

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5 Popular TV Shows That Really Need To Be Cancelled

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Glee: 10 Best Finn Hudson Moments

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Glee: 4 Ways To Move Forward Without Cory Monteith

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Glee: 4 Possible Ways To Say Goodbye To Finn Hudson

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Cory Monteith RIP: Finn's 10 Greatest Glee Songs

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Glee Star Cory Monteith Found Dead In Hotel Room, Aged 31

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10 Grossly Underrated TV Heroines Who Deserve More Praise

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10 Reasons Why Glee Is Failing

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Glee: 5 Reasons It Has Jumped The Shark And Should Be Cancelled

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Glee: 50 Most Memorable Performances So Far

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5 Changes Glee Should Make

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Jonathan Coulton Supposedly Gets Ripped Off By Glee And 'Should Be Happy' For It

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TV Review: Glee 4.10, “Glee, Actually”

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Glee: The Most Important Show on TV?

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10 Terrible Glee Musical Numbers

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Glee: 5 Awesome Celebrity Guest Stars and 5 That Sucked

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10 Glee Covers As Good As The Originals

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