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After Dark: Tod Browning's FREAKS (1932) Review

Director Tod Browning grew up in the circus – under the big top – amidst manic clowns, hairy women and human deformity all lined up for our entertainment. These were his people. Roll up, roll up.…
By Tom Fallows

DEAD ISLAND Movie Rights Sold To Lionsgate

Studio says they have come to an agreement with developers to make the Dead Island movie that has been threatened ever since that infamous trailer hit in February and set the Internet alight with buzz.…
By Matt Mann

First Look: Kenneth Branagh as Laurence Olivier in MY WEEK WITH MARILYN

And judging by the still, which shows a pensive Branagh with slicked back hair in a classic tuxedo he certainly looks the part.…
By Fay Brennan

Disney Pixar Announce Next Two New Feature Films

Two new features slated for release in 2013 and 2014 announced at Disney's D23 Expo...
By Simon Gallagher

You Damn Dirty Apes! Our Guide To The Dangers of Movie Monkeys

Rise of The Planet of the Apes is only the latest in a long line of films that explore the great monkey threat, and now WhatCulture have put together a comprehensive guide to those films. Take Heed, or we'll all be bowing to chimps soon...…
By Simon Gallagher

Robert Rodriguez Talks SIN CITY 2 And Many, Many More Projects

The director talks Sin City 2, Machete Kills, Heavy Metal and some nonsense about 4D...
By Adam Lock

Kate Beckinsale Returns in UNDERWORLD: AWAKENING

Oh how the Underworld franchise has bored us to death. A fourth film?
By Matt Holmes

The Top 50 Pixar Characters

By Simon Gallagher

Peter Falk Has Died But Lt Columbo Will Live On

By Matt Holmes

Mark Heyman & Darren Aronofsky To Stalk People On Facebook

By Matt Holmes