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9 Reasons PC Owners Are Jealous Of Macs

Think different. Think something else.

17 Jul 2015 Michael Waugh

gaming wheat

Interview: Jim Rossignol, You Are Being Hunted

We talk to Big Robot's Jim Rossignol to find out what TweedPunk is really all about and what it has to do with killer robots.

23 Oct 2012 Corey Milne

gaming MOH

Medal Of Honor: Warfighter Preview

Eurogamer 2012: If I don't fight the war, who will?

11 Oct 2012 Corey Milne

gaming Crowbar Collective

Black Mesa Review: The Remake That Puts The Entire Industry to Shame

A review of Black Mesa--the Half-Life remake, better eight years late than never.

1 Oct 2012 Samuel Chaimson

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Ubisoft Says Bye Bye To "Always On" DRM.....Rejoice!

Now you can actually play Ubisoft games on your PC

6 Sep 2012 Andrew Esposito

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GTA V: 15 Classic Vehicles That Must Be Included

There are a lot of cars in the Grand Theft Auto universe. We select 15 classics that need to make an appearance in GTA 5.

29 Aug 2012 Corey Milne

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Endless Space Review [PC]

If there were a reward for a title that provided gamers with an incredibly deep, fulfilling experience at the cost of threatening eternal boredom upon first booting the title up then the award would undoubtedly belong to Endless Space.

8 Jul 2012 Antony Wanjala

gaming walkinddd

Activision Announces New Walking Dead Game

Activision publishing Walking Dead first person shooter.

6 Jul 2012 Matt Mann

gaming Star-Wars-Knights-of-the-Old-Republic_1

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Collection Released July 17th?

Critically acclaimed series could see a bundled collection coming July 17th.

3 Jul 2012 Andrew Esposito

gaming left 4 dead 2 cold_stream

Valve Announces Left 4 Dead 2 Cold Stream DLC

Valve finally gives release date for Left 4 Dead 2 DLC.

2 Jul 2012 Matt Mann

gaming gaming_total_war_rome_2_2

Rome: Total War Sequel Announced by Sega - First Screenshots

The sequel will be released in 2013, featuring a whole new graphics engine and the biggest real time battles in the series' history.

2 Jul 2012 Luke Stevenson

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Call of Duty: Black Ops FINALLY Coming To Mac?

Which is a little like publishing a paperback called ‘The Funnier Side Of Cot Death’.

1 Jul 2012 Thomas James Hunt

gaming mass effect 3

Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC: All 4 Endings Reviewed [Xbox 360]

New endings give a greater sense of closure to a fantastic series and there is less to distract from the magnitude of your achievement.

26 Jun 2012 Laura Kate

gaming quantum_conundrum

Quantum Conundrum Gets Release Date For PS3 and Xbox Live Arcade

Quantum Conundrum will be released on PlayStation Network on July 10 and Xbox Live Arcade will get the game a day later on July 11.

21 Jun 2012 Matt Mann

gaming Watch Dogs Logo

Watch Dogs Movie in the Works?

Are Ubisoft set to unveil a movie project for their upcoming game project?

18 Jun 2012 Laura Kate

gaming tomb raider

There Is No Rape In Tomb Raider, But That Isn't The Issue

The internet is all a buzz over recent comments regarding brand new Tomb Raider: Lara Croft reboot...

15 Jun 2012 Corey Milne

gaming Horror Gaming

E3 2012: Did We Bid Farewell To Big Budget Horror?

If E3 taught us one thing, it was that the horror genre has changed fundamentally. But have we seen the end of conventional horror?

14 Jun 2012 Corey Milne

gaming MGS

5 Reasons Why Games Should Not Be Like Films

Isn't it cool when you are playing a game and it is like watching an action movie? So cool right? NO!

14 Jun 2012 Ed Moorhouse

gaming beyond two souls

E3 2012: 10 Games We Can't Wait To Play

There's plenty quality content on the way, and narrowing down the list to just ten titles was no easy task!

12 Jun 2012 Corey Milne