GTA V: 15 Classic Vehicles That Must Be Included

There are a lot of cars in the Grand Theft Auto universe. We select 15 classics that need to make an appearance in GTA 5.

1, 2 & 3. The Super Cars

We love to go fast. Whether it's weaving in and out of the Liberty City traffic at break neck speeds or cruising the Vice City strip in a convertible. The super cars of GTA have always delivered the danger thrill seekers yearn for, and make us look good as we go about our dubious business. While there have been all manner of fast cars to come and go in the GTA universe I'm going to stick with the classics for this list, three that will appear in GTA 5, and I can say that without a shadow of a doubt. The Cheetah, the Infernus and the Banshee are the holy trinity of speed and sex. While I can't really comment on the older titles, since GTA 3 anyway these have always been the cars you wish you were driving. Your getting from point A to B in a sentinel,sure it's going to get you there, but where's the zazz. These are the 3 cars that any player will see in the road, purposefully block the road with their not so sexy taxi, or manana and get out and jack these vehicles like it ain't no thing. Besides, the cops will never catch you in these babies.

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