10 Surprisingly Violent Deaths In Family Friendly Movies

Someone's heart getting ripped out? What a wholesome family adventure!
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The Legend Of Tarzan Trailer Swings In

"He's Tarzan. You're Jane. He'll come for you."
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The Legend Of Tarzan: Alexander Skarsgard Unsurprisingly Looks Shredded In First Pics

Margot Robbie also featured as Jane.
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8 Films That Destroyed Your Childhood

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10 Most Horrifically Disturbing Death Scenes In Children's Movies

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Hustle & Flow's Craig Brewer To Write/Direct TARZAN Trilogy

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One of the most exciting directors today is AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS

Who is he? Well he has a movie out next Summer, which is actually a sequel to something he has shot a few years earlier!…
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Guillermo del Toro interested in Runoff?

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Guillermo del Toro to direct Tarzan movie

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