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10 Scrapped Movie Sequels That Would Have Been Amazing

Why are the good ones always the first to go?
By Jacob Trowbridge
Tim Burton Batman 3

10 Things You Need To Know About Tim Burton's Batman Forever

Absolutely no Bat-Nipples.
By Tom Baker
Jack Nicholson Joker Publicity Still

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Tim Burton’s Batman

Ever danced with the trivia in the pale moonlight?
By Rob Leane
Tim Burton Batman

10 Iconic Directors Who Don't Have A Film In The IMDb Top 250

Somebody make room for these icons of cinema, please!
By Sam Hill
Tom Jones Mars Attacks

10 Famous Directors You Didn't Know Had Really Weird Fetishes

Mussolini, Tom Jones and meticulously organised boxes.
By Sam Hill
Jurassic Park Tim Burton

10 Unmade Tim Burton Films That Would Have Been Awesome

You know you wanted to see Nic Cage as Superman...
By Christian Bone
Superman Lives Nicolas Cage

10 Things You Need To Know About Tim Burton's Superman Lives

You would have believed Nic Cage could fly. Tim Allen, less so.
By Tom Baker
Tim Burton Batman

10 Highest Grossing Directors Of All Time

Who says good movies can't make a lot of money too?
By Alex Leadbeater
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13 Things Only Tim Burton Fans Will Understand

It's perfectly normal to act a little strange...
By Cheish Merryweather
Tim Burton Batman Forever

10 Amazing Superhero Movies You'll Never See

Why hasn't there been a solo Black Widow film yet?
By Tom Baker
Tim Burton Cannes

10 Tiresome Directors Who’ve Done Nothing New In The Last Ten Years

Does Tim Burton elicit anything but a groan these days?
By Jack Pooley
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10 Terrible Mistakes That Almost Ruined Superman For Everyone‏

How'd that Quest For Peace work out, huh?
By Tom Baker
Robin Williams The Riddler

10 Roles You Didn't Know Robin Williams Almost Played

In his long and brilliant career, there were some 'what if' moments...
By Ben Cooke
Nic Cage Superman

Finally You Can Watch Nicolas Cage As Superman!

The Death Of Superman Lives reveals new production footage of probably the worst casting…
By Simon Gallagher
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10 Reasons Tim Burton's Batman Is Still The Best

Move over Nolan, stand aside Schumacher, there's only one Batman film that really matters.
By Simon Gallagher
Adam Sandler

10 Actors Who Clearly Didn't Learn Anything From Past Mistakes

For God's sake Johnny, stop answering Tim Burton's calls!
By Adam Mohrbacher
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10 Times Directors Projected Their Strange Fetishses In Mainstream Movies

Everything from bugs to bathrooms. They are all here.
By WhatCulture

10 Creepy Similarities Between Nolan And Burton’s Batman Movies

Exploring the odd parallels between the Caped Crusader's most celebrated franchise iterations.…
By Alex Leadbeater

5 Highest-Grossing Batman Movies

Ever wondered which Batman movie made the most money at the box office? Look no further than…
By JD Shrader

9 Superhero Movies That (Unfortunately) Didn't Get Made

By James Garcia
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8 Movie Directors With Seriously Hardcore Fanbases

By Chris Combs
Tim Burton

10 Directors Who Really Need To Make A Movie Outside Their Usual Genre

By Kevin Terpstra
Danny Boyle The Beach

10 Once Great Directors Who Suddenly Missed The Mark

By Alex Leadbeater
Bad Boys 2

10 Movies We're Surprised Directors Haven't Made Yet

By Shaun Munro
Batman 4

Batman: 10 Reasons Why Tim Burton's Was The Best

By Jaime
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8 Incredible Batman Film & TV Concept Designs That Were Never Used

By Dziugas Matas
batman dont have to save you

10 Highly Questionable Actions Committed By Batman

By C.B. Jacobson

8 Michael Keaton Movies That Remind You He IS Batman

By Ian Boucher

Johnny Depp Goes Through The Looking Glass For Alice In Wonderland Sequel!

By Matt Holmes
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10 "Failures" By Famous Directors (That Are Actually Better Than You Remember)

By C.B. Jacobson