10 Amazing Comic Book Redesigns That Didn't Last

Think Aquaman wasn't cool before the film? Think again.

Aquaman Peter David
DC Comics

Redesigns are part and parcel of the superhero genre. If there's a hero, you can be certain that, at some stage, they're going to start to look a little outdated, and that's when comic book artists get to have their fun.

Either born out of frustration with a tired design or simply inspiration to try something different, comic book redesigns are as divisive as they are exciting, and sometimes (not all of the time), they can work tremendously.

For some characters, changes can be as big as scrapping an old costume from the ground up, whereas with others, the design is so timeless to begin with only minor alterations are called for. Either approach can yield a major impact, and though superhero comics have a habit of reverting to the status quo, some designs manage to leave a lasting impact.

Sadly, that cyclical return to the norm means that some of the best redesigns come and go in a flash. One day you're enjoying a Batsuit with a brilliant purple trim - the next, he's back to the usual black and grey. It's the case with dozens of characters, but here are those redesigns readers have ended up missing the most...

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