10 Amazing Comics You Can Read Entirely Through Instagram

The best things in life are free, and so are these incredible comic strips!


It's a very strange time to be a comic book fan.

With all the madness going on in the world, new comics have halted distribution for the time being, sadly depriving comic book fans of their weekly fix. Although books are slowly but surely coming back into circulation, we have all had to look other places to get our sweet hit of graphic storytelling.

Thankfully, the internet has no shortage of amazing webcomics. And although they are spread far and wide across cyberspace, there is thankfully one website that happily houses a whole hoard of them: Instagram.

Unfortunately, Instagram's selection of short strips can't always fill the void left by the current lack of serialised storytelling. They are usually more akin to newspaper strips than anything else: short, one-off, funny little ditties, designed primarily to give you a chuckle as you scroll through your feed. While there's nothing wrong with that at all (God knows we could all use a hearty chuckle), sometimes we just crave more.

As fans of all things comics, no matter what form they take, I have gathered ten of my favourite webcomics that offer more than just a daily chuckle. Whether it's long-form storytelling, award-worthy character development, or uniquely beautiful artwork, these strips are more than worth your time. And they're all available in their entirety on Instagram right now!

What are you waiting for?


Jimmy Kavanagh is an Irish comics enthusiast and co-founder of Club Valentine Comedy, a Dublin-based comedy collective. You can hear him talk to his favourite comedians about their favourite comics on his podcast, Comics Swapping Comics (available on all good podcast platforms).