10 Amazing Stan Lee Comics Marvel Fans Must Read

Stan 'The Man' told some amazing stories.

Simon & Schuster/Colleen Doran

In his 95 years, Stan Lee was the man who shaped and influenced modern comics, and in doing so, modern pop culture. As a leader, he created the juggernaut of Marvel Comics, and with some of the best talent, started a revolution in the industry that would reverberate for decades afterwards.

When talking about why he got into writing, Lee once brought up that in high school, he wanted to write the Great American Novel - the concept of prolific prose that reflects the life and culture in America. Everyone who gets into writing in the US always mulls over that notion but Stan Lee never got around to that.

Stan didn't get to write the Great American Novel, but he did get to write the Great American Comic.

So, in celebration of that, let us reflect upon Lee's bibliography with a look back at his 10 greatest works, spanning the pages of Marvel, and even DC too.

10. Ravage 2099 #1-8

Marvel Comics

When anyone thinks of the 1990s, Stan Lee does not come to mind as a creative force. Marvel Comics was in a very different place than it would be at the turn of the century, so when Lee's name is given credit as creator and writer for an ongoing series in 1992, it was a big deal. Ravage 2099 was co-created by the artist Paul Ryan, but the plotting is definitely all Lee.

For the first seven issues of Ravage 2099, Stan Lee brought his unique flair for storytelling into the 2099 banner of books with a wholly original character. Originally the CEO of a environmental conservation subsidiary of the evil mega-corporation of the 2099 universe, Alchemax, Paul-Phillip Ravage is set up and becomes a fugitive standing against the villainous conglomerates with an adventure stretching throughout the 2099 world.

These first few issues certainly weren't the best works Stan Lee ever put out, but it was great to see Lee in new surroundings. It's still Lee, only with the veneer of nineties comic book-dom.


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