10 Awesome Comics To Convert New Readers

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The comic book industry is in good health right now, with the current surge in popularity for creator owned material boosting the sales figures of innovative series' that would likely never have even seen the light of day a few years ago. Marvel and DC's heavy hitters still rake in cash, with the likes of Batman, Justice League, Spider-Man, The Avengers and Wolverine taking up permanent residence in the Top Ten selling comics every month. The book market has expanded hugely in the last few years, with sales of the Trade Paperback editions of The Walking Dead remaining consistently high, ensuring that your local Waterstone's or Eason's will maintain a decent graphic novel section for years to come. There is also the huge factor of the hit movies, video games, cartoons and merchandise that sell by the bucketload for Marvel and DC. All in all, things are pretty good for comics. But, the one thing comics will always need are its loyal readers. The people who will venture out to their local shop each and every Wednesday to pick up their latest stack of material, or the folks that will reliably purchase each new graphic novel volume of a series upon it's release. Die hard comic book fans will always be there, but publishers are always on the lookout for that new reader that can come in and discover the wonderful world of comics. Which current series' would be the most viable options for creating and sustaining these new readers? In essence, what comics would make them fans? These are 10 awesome comics that can be used to convert new readers.
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