10 Badass Batman Rogues You've Probably Never Heard About

Vampires, Serial Killers, and at least one Carpenter! Batman's got his hands full!

DC Comics

Let's go out on a limb and make a bold statement. Batman has the best rogues gallery in comic book history. Just let the dust settle before you rush to the comments section to scream the merits of Booster Gold villains like the Director...

Obviously, few comic book villains can compete with Joker, Two-Face, Mr. Freeze, and that crazy, umbrella twirling Penguin. In fact, those guys are so iconic that lesser-known members of the Batman Rogues gallery don’t get their fair due.

And, make no mistake; there are some real gems when you drill down past the same handful of villains that always pop up in Batman movies.

So, let's do that. Forget about the Clown Prince of Crime, and that district attorney turned pizza-faced maniac. Come on this journey to discover some of Gotham's most criminally underrated ne'er-do-wells. Here are some badass Batman rogues that you've probably never heard about.


10. Film Freak

DC Comics

The Film Freak was once an aspiring actor named Burt Weston. Like so many actors, Weston dreamed of seeing his name in lights and playing quirky villains on the big screen. Alas, his hopes never came to fruition, and so Weston turned to a life of real crime.

Now, when most of us see our hopes dashed, we might turn to a life of petty crime. You know, knock over a few liquor stores, rob a gas station. The usual stuff. But, that's not what Weston did.

No, he took the moniker Film Freak and began recreating crimes from his favorite movies. When a reporter, Julia Pennyworth, discovered Film Freak's true identity, he stalked her Norman Bates style. If you've seen Psycho, you know where that leads. Eventually, Film Freak was caught by Batman with the aid of Harvey Bullock.

However, there was another version of Film Freak, this time going by the name Edison. This incarnation was a TV host in the vein of Elvira, and he would cross paths with Catwoman instead. In his battle with Catwoman, Film Freak again recreated crimes from classic films.

But compared to other villains, recreating classic Hollywood capers is pretty benign, right?

Well, Edison's crime spree concluded with him hijacking a nuclear warhead, hiding it on a talk show set, and then murdering the entire studio audience.

When did this guy turn into the Joker?

One last note on Film Freak, his signature was a pair of earrings resembling film canisters. While that's not totally badass, it's an admittedly bold fashion choice that you have to respect.

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