10 Batman Moments That Shocked The World

Could the Joker honestly get anymore terrifying?!

DC Comics/Andy Kubert

For a vigilante who's eighty years old, you can imagine that Batman has been there, done it, and gotten the t-shirt. He's had to face some of the nastiest and greatest villains in the DC Universe each and every month while, at the same time, having to train a very large amount of vigilantes he's picked up off the street and he's had to do all this while dressed as a giant bat.

Gotham is his city and he will defend it to the bitter end - that has always been his mantra - but with this has come some moments that he's probably not too proud of, and others that have sent ripples through the comic book fandom for the sheer "WHAT THE HELL?!" reaction they have produced.

For someone who is known as the Dark Knight, there have been, as you can imagine, some skeletons that Bruce Wayne would probably be happier to keep locked in his closet. But these things have a way of getting out and they have led to some truly jaw-dropping moments.

From illicit rendezvous to the loss of his son, what follows is a look at those moments in Batman's past that made every fan's jaw hit the floor...


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