10 Best Comic Book Universes

Of the thousands of comic book universes created over the years, these are the best of them all!

Marvel Comics/Patrick Gleason

Fictional universes and comic books go hand-in-hand, and you can pretty much count on the fact that each and every publisher has at least one cohesive universe. The Simpsons have theirs, as do the Transformers, but there are more and more that you may never even think of thanks to multiverses.

Marvel's multiverse stretches as far as the imagination can possibly extend, while DC's tends to grow and shrink every now and again thanks to continuity-destroying crossover events. Whatever number of Earths DC happens to be on at the moment, you can rest assured, it's greater than one.

With so many universes cluttering up fiction like an ever-expanding Neverending Story, it can be hard to settle on which ones are the best. How could you possibly choose between the likes of DC and Marvel, or even Marvel's base universe, Earth-616, and its cinematic universe, Earth-19999?

It's nearly impossible to determine which is better, and this list doesn't attempt to do that. Instead, it highlights the 10 best comic book universes and presents them in no particular order. All of these selections are incredible settings for amazing stories, characters, and concepts. However, anything found on this list must have originated with comics, which means The Simpsons' Bongoverse doesn't count (even if it is admittedly great).

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