10 Best Comics Cancelled Before Their Time

9. Semper Fi

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Marvel Comics

These days, it seems odd to think of comic books featuring stories about warfare, but when you look back, that's one of the ways comics gained popularity in the early days of World War II. Since that conflict ended, comics left the genre behind but returned to it in later years due to the Vietnam War.

Marvel Comics published a highly successful series called The 'Nam, which was edited by Lary Hama, a Vietnam veteran. Due to that book's success, Marvel launched another series called Semper Fi, which focused primarily on the United States Marine Corps' involvement in that conflict.

The book was written by another veteran of that conflict, Michael Palladino, who was a Devil Dog himself. Each issue was broken down into two stories, a main one illustrated by John Severin or Andy Kubert, and a backup story illustrated by Sam Glanzman, a veteran of WWII.

Even with a great writing and illustration staff, the series failed to garner the same success as its 'Nam predecessor. After only nine issues, Marvel pulled Semper Fi from its lineup and the creative team went on to work on other projects.

The title is Latin for "Always Faithful," and is the Marine Corps motto still in use today.


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