10 Best Daredevil vs. Kingpin Storylines

7. The Murdock Papers (Daredevil vol. 2 #76-81)

Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev finished their Eisner Award-winning run on Daredevil in extraordinary fashion when Wilson Fisk and Matt Murdock both end up behind bars. In this arc, Kingpin finally decides to use the information he has long held over Murdock€™s head €“he knows his secret identity as Daredevil €“ to his legal advantage by bargaining for his immunity and offering the FBI evidence that proves the attorney has obstructed justice. The FBI takes the bait, but not before Kingpin concocts a way to get Daredevil to set himself up. In a call back to the very first Daredevil/Kingpin storyline in Daredevil #170-172, Kingpin keeps referring to mysterious €œfiles€ that will prove Murdock/Daredevil€™s guilt called the €œMurdock Papers.€ The mere hypothetical existence of these files sends everyone into a frenzy. But the €œMurdock Papers€ were all a ruse designed by Kingpin to lure Daredevil out and expose his identity to the feds. Of course, Kingpin€™s brilliance backfires on him, as he ends up in prison too. It€™s a unique ending and is one of the few times where both Matt and Fisk hit rock bottom simultaneously.
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