10 Best DC Comics #1 Of The Modern Age

8. Catwoman #1

All Star Superman Frank Quitely
DC Comics

Catwoman in the nineties was treated the same way as most of comic’s top female stars, adolescent wish fulfilment and cheesecake. When DC launched her solo title under the stewardship of Jim Balent and Chuck Dixon, the stories were 24 single page shots of a leather-clad beauty in various anatomically inaccurate poses.

After that, many writers would try and do something more meaningful or engaging with the character, but each only managed to take Catwoman further into obscurity. So much so that the publisher would temporarily kill Selina. Out of the ashes of that title, Darwyn Cooke's one-shot masterpiece "Selina's Big Score" rebuilt the woman under the cowl. Only this time not as a costumed vigilante but as a master thief with a dark past.

Cooke would then team up with writer Ed Brubaker and launch a new Catwoman ongoing series focusing on this more rounded and exciting version of Selina Kyle. The first issue introduces readers to a dirty and more realistic Gotham. One where people exist in the grey areas between right and wrong. A world Batman and the old Catwoman could never inhabit. The first issue tells the reader all they need to know about who Selina Kyle is now, what her mission is and just why she is the only one who can handle it.

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