10 Best Moments From Tom King's Batman

King will leave the Dark Knight with Batman #85, but what were his best moments?

DC Comics/Lee Weeks

Tom King's time on Batman - the main series at least - is set to come to a close. After being the helmsman of the Batman mythos since the rebirth relaunch back in 2016, King has accrued quite the reputation for being one of Batman's most divisive writers.

Some fans think he's the best writer to helm the series since Scott Snyder, while others think he's the worst possible choice for the caped crusader since, well, Zack Snyder.

His very specific writing style, particularly in how he handles narration, and his various choices for story direction, has either turned him into a critical darling, or a pariah of the Batman fandom. Usually both at the same time, which you can't deny is impressive.

But of course, it's rather hard to be divisive if you have no merits to your run whatsoever. As such, there are plenty of moments and stories to love from Mr. King's take on Batman. Whether because they managed to make his unique style of writing work, or the story was just that good, these ten moments made the Tom King era of Batman a memorable one indeed.


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