10 Best Robin Comics Of All Time

From Dick to Damian and beyond, check out the best Robin stories to date.

DC Comics

The Chewie to Batman's Han, the Goose to his Maverick, the Samwise to his Frodo, Robin has been a key member of the Bat-family since his debut in 1940.

Robin is a symbol of that childish wonder that keeps Batman from straying too far into the darkness. Without them, there would be no Teen Titans, no Young Justice, no Nightwing, and no Red Hood.

Over the years, there have been many variations of the Robin character with several individuals taking up the mantle. One factor that has remained the same, however, is that Batman needs a Robin.

Throughout Robin's many incarnations there have been countless incredible stories revolving around the kid wonder. From tragic tales to feats of great heroism, each one has had their chance to shine whether it be in the main Batman Detective Comics or in their own solo projects.


With so many Robins to choose from, this list with comprise of the four main characters of Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, and Damian Wayne. We'll be looking at just some of those amazing comic books that highlight why we love the best sidekick in the business.

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