10 Best Times Spider-Man Teamed Up

It gets lonely saving the world by yourself sometimes.

Marvel Comics / Steve Epting

While the friendly neighbour hood Spider-Man is usually swinging around the streets of New York all by his lonesome, he is up for the occasional team up. Well actually it's hardly occasional if he teams up in the comics every other day it seems.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Spider-Man turned down a position on the Avengers in his first solo outing and only became part of the team when Tony Stark rather unceremoniously 'knighted' him during Infinity War a few years later. However, if comic Spidey had been in this position, he would have leapt at the chance to team up. Heck, by the time the Avengers asked him, he definitely would have had several team ups under his belt already.

Perhaps Peter Parker is just a bit lonely, or simply gets a bit bored going after criminals day after day all on his own? On the other hand, maybe he actually enjoys being in the spotlight, stealing the show and wanting to be involved in seemingly every comic book story.

No matter whether the threat is earthly, otherworldly, or on a cosmic scale, the street-level hero loves to get involved. You could skim through a Marvel encyclopaedia and be hard pressed to find a hero or villain that the web-head hasn't crossed paths with, or a team he hasn't momentarily joined...


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