10 Biggest Catastrophes In DC Comics

10. DCeased

DC Comics

One of the more simplistic world-threatening events of the DC universe, DCeased is very much the storyline you'd expect it would be from the title - with the world threat coming in the form of zombies.

At first it all seems totally manageable... right up until Batman succumbs to the monster virus, and then everything suddenly seems totally terrifying.

Through a mixture of masterful writing, gruesomely great art and an aggressive zombie virus, the threat of the undead outbreak seems so much more potent in this than ever before, helped in no small part by the fact that it heavily features Superman and Batman's children, who you naturally worry about immensely when they have to face against superpowered zombies.

Even with all this in mind however, DCeased is not the biggest threat that the universe has faced by a significant margin, as for now the undead hordes seem safely confined to Earth and Earth alone.


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