10 Biggest WTF Comic Book Moments From 2018

9. Captain Marvel's New Origin

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Marvel Comics

In Carol's most recent book, the Life of Captain Marvel, the heroine returns to her childhood home to catch up with her mother and her remaining brother, Joe Jr., but it isn't as boring as it sounds.

The appearance of alien warriors aside, while exploring the house, Carol discovers some old letters which reveal that her father was having an affair with another woman. Though, in the wild world that is Marvel, this isn't much of a shock. What most definitely is, however, is the fact that this woman was actually just Carol's mother, but in her true Kree form, rather than the human disguise that everyone knew her by.

Yes, in a classic twist, Carol was revealed to have been half Kree this entire time, with the psyche magnetron that supposedly gave her powers only being the catalyst which activated them.

This all comes prior to the release of the film, something which likely prompted this change in the character's mythos.


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