10 Bold Predictions For Comics In 2015

Here's a crazy thought: maybe Wolverine won't stay dead...

No sooner has this year been capped off in spectacular fashion (this week sees new issues of The Multiversity, Batman€™s apocalyptic Endgame and the debut of the delightful Spider-Man And The X-Men on the racks of your local store) it is time to look forward to what exactly 2015 might have in store for the four-colour world of cape comic books. Does Wolverine have a New Year€™s Resolution? What€™s awaiting Superman under the tree? 2014 was a banner year for the medium, with an increased level of interesting, new talent and properties being injected into an increasingly staid and corporate comic book culture which appears to have more interest in feeding the Hollywood adaptation machine than actually, y€™know, doing anything new or exciting. Hopefully the coming twelve months will continue in a similar vein. With the way the industry works there have already been solicitations out for next year€™s comics up through March, with the log lines and preview artwork giving a rough estimate of what to expect. Then there are the inevitable changes, the already-spotted sea changes and the total stabs in the dark. The ultimate fate of your favourite creative teams, the relative quality of upcoming major crossover events, and that short hairy Canadian who got covered in shiny liquid metal are all floating about in the crystal ball pertaining to ten predictions for comics in 2015.
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