10 Characters Who Have Broken Captain America’s Shield

3. The Serpent

Marvel Comics

Fear Itself saw a new contender for the Asgardian throne emerge when the Serpent escaped from his prison and amassed an army to wage war on his brother, Odin.

Thor's uncle, who also happens to be the god of fear, didn't have things his own way. His plans to seize power hit a snag when Iron Man and Captain America arrived on the scene. Cap attacks via his signature move - hurling his shield like a frisbee - but what happened next was a real turn up for the books.

The Serpent caught Cap's shield and broke it in half with his bare hands.

Just as Marvel heroes rarely stay dead, their favourite toys seldom stay broken too. On this occasion, Tony Stark's technical know-how and the skills of Asgardian metalsmith Uru proved enough to repair it in the wake of the Serpent's defeat.

The shield was left with a hefty scar afterwards, which Cap was happy to leave since it added character. Somebody forgot to tell the Marvel artists it was staying, though, as the blemish had completely disappeared in future issues.


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