10 Characters Who Have Defeated Bane

10. Batman

Batman Bane Rebirth
DC Comics

Certainly no one has defeated Bane more times than Batman, his rival and nemesis, but I'm going to highlight two occurrences:

Firstly, there is the original victory of The Bat over Bane. After Bane joins Ra's Al Ghul and becomes his heir - as well as Talia Al Ghul's fiancé - Ra's forces he and Batman into single combat.

Batman endures and defeats Bane, causing the Al Ghul's to abandon Bane as "unworthy".

The second time is when Batman is imbued with Superman's powers. He fights against Bane and easily beats the roided-up villain, nearly killing him in the process.

Apparently Venom is no match for Kryptonian super strength. Who'd have guessed?


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