10 Characters Who Should Appear In Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3

There's plenty of room in the galaxy for more heroes and villains.

Vance Astro Marvel

Of all the Marvel film franchises, no-one could have predicted that Guardians of the Galaxy would have such a meteoric rise to fame. With Vol. 2 currently smashing it at the Box Office and Vol. 3 already confirmed to be on the way, we're likely all going to be hooked on a feeling for quite some time to come.

In fact, the Guardians have been such a success that they seem to be moving to the very forefront of the MCU. James Gunn has stated in interviews that Vol. 3 will serve as both a conclusion to this iteration of the team and as a starting point for the next decades worth of Marvel films.

With so many plot threads being set up and the Guardians themselves undergoing a big change in their lineup, Vol. 3 is pretty much guaranteed to introduce a lot of new characters. We already know that Adam Warlock will be making an appearance, but Marvel still has a huge treasure trove of characters that could be brought into the MCU, either as new members of the Guardians of the Galaxy or as threats for them to face.

Some of these characters are a bit out of left field, but others have already had the groundwork laid down for them. Either way, any of them would be a great addition to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

10. Champion Of The Universe

Vance Astro Marvel

The Elders of the Universe are a collection of aliens, each one the last survivor of their own race. Together, they've managed to amass almost godlike levels of power that they use to indulge in their own whims. We've already seen the Collector and Ego the Living Planet and, with Thor: Ragnarok set to introduce the Grandmaster, it seems that Marvel are set on bringing most of the Elders to the big screen.

Arguably the next most well-known Elder is the Champion of the Universe, Tryco Slatterus - an immortal being who wants to prove himself as the strongest being in the universe by challenging its greatest warriors to face him one-on-one in combat.

The Champion is a formidable foe, able to overcome even the likes of Thor and the Hulk. Famously, he only lost to the Thing because he was "too stupid and ugly to give up", forcing the Champion to yield to avoid breaking his own rule about never killing his opponent.

More importantly though, the Champion's fights conveniently just so happen to resemble Earth boxing matches, which sounds like the perfect opportunity for spectacle.


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