10 Comic Book Characters Who Are Just TOO POWERFUL!

Sometimes, great power is too much of a good thing.

DC Comics

Superheroes and supervillains are, by their definition, more powerful than normal humans. Whether by mutation, alien origin, industrial accident, or superhuman training, they are at the peak of mental and physical power.

The problem is, having so much power doesn't always make for a thrilling character. When you can do what some of the characters on this list regularly do, there's not much left that can challenge you.

Sure, there will occasionally be a weakness or another being who can stop them, but they inevitably come out on top because their innate power lets them do the impossible (or nearly impossible.) It's a fine line to walk for comics writers, because you sometimes need to use these overpowered characters to further your narrative while also having to try and find something that pushes them as characters.

For fans to truly care about characters, they have to have some weakness, some flaw, that lets them grow as individuals; that lets them learn from mistakes and become better (or more evil, in some cases. Growth is growth!)

It's hard to care about a character, unless they are super popular and / or very well-written, that has nothing to grow into because they're already god-like. Let's check out ten of these characters who are simply too powerful for their own good.

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