10 Comic Book Crazes You Totally Forgot Were A Thing

Comics go through trends and crazes from time to time, and some are better left in the past...

DC Comics

Comic books have been around for nearly a century, and over the years, the publishers have done some wild and crazy things to drum up business and increase sales. After all, you can only tell so many stories about a character before they get dull and repetitive, so why not try something new every once in a while?

Over the years, the various gimmicks and crazes have come and gone, with many sticking around far longer than they were welcome. For the most part, these types of sales gimmicks die out when the customers grow weary of them, but not all disappear, and some, like variant covers, stick around forever.

While those covers may still be around, there are more than enough gimmicky covers, and tweaks to the printing process publishers have thrown at customers, and those don't get to play in the world of comic books forever — many are long gone.

If you've been buying and reading comics for more than a few years, odds are, you're aware of many of the comic book crazes that came and went. Still, some of these ten comic book crazes that were, unfortunately, a thing not too long ago, may include some you've thankfully forgotten.


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