10 Comic Book Hero Solutions To Fix Your Financial Problems

The best financial knowledge you could ever glean is no further than that stack of comics you have on your shelf.

Is money getting you down more than usual? Has it come to the point where you've just plain hit a wall? Are you looking for a change from all that grind and debt, but you're not sure how to get there? Most people might recommend that you put a lot of time and thought into researching level-headed, realistic solutions, such as perhaps taking a course or seeking out a legitimate, qualified adviser, both of which would probably put you in even more debt. Not so with this article, true believers! The best knowledge you could ever glean is no further than that stack of comics you have, well, everywhere. Comic books teach us a lot about life, from inspiring general hope and morality to enumerating standards on dating. But if you really look between the lines, you'll find a lot more€”especially in the arena of financial advice, much more so than you'd think. I'm not talking about the villains. Their solutions don't usually pan out. The solutions of heroes, however, are as incredibly numerous, variegated, and inspiring as they are. Click "Next" below for just 10 essential larger-than-life pointers that will never, ever, EVER (probably) steer you wrong. Honorable Mentions: 1.) Moon Knight: Branch Out 2.) Every Character Ever: Freeze Yourself And/Or Your Loved Ones And/Or Use Robots And/Or Clones As Needed Until Circumstances Improve
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