10 Comic Book Heroes Betrayed By Their Own Sidekicks

9. Nightwing - Robin

Green Arrow Roy Harper
DC Comics

Being trained by an emotionally stunted billionaire in the art of combat probably isn’t the greatest environment for a child to grow up in, and might be why so many Robins have trouble transitioning into adulthood. Luckily for Damian Wayne, he had Nightwing to help keep him from the darker side of being a hero.

However, in the comics of Injustice, he wasn’t quite so lucky. When Superman finally crosses the line into becoming a murderous tyrant, Damian Wayne finds himself a new role model in the big blue murderer.

This clash of ideologies reaches a breaking point when Superman decides to eliminate the residents of Arkham Asylum. When Batman and Nightwing finally confront Superman, they are alarmed to find Robin fighting alongside him. Even more alarming was when Robin lashes out at Nightwing and breaks the neck of his former mentor.


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