10 Comic Book Heroes Who Died Horrible Deaths

9. Mordru Kills Kid Eternity

Blob Wasp The Ultimates
DC Comics

Kid Eternity is Christopher “Kit” Freeman. He was a young man who was “killed before his time” and sent back as a hero who summons dead spirits to help him. Freeman was sent with a bald and pudgy mentor called Mr. Keeper, though it is later found that this was all fiction. The ones who sent Kid Eternity back were the Lords of Chaos, and the “historical figures” that Kit summoned were demons who impersonated the heroes.

In the "Justice Be Done" storyline of the first issue of 1999's JSA comic, Mordru the Wizard pursued the Kid, who summoned multiple spirits to stop him - but who were quickly dispatched. Mordru was on a mission to rid the world of all agents of both Chaos and Order. Kid Eternity was pinned against a wall as Mordru walked calmly up to him to finish him off. His off-panel scream was bloodcurdling - especially for someone who dealt regularly with the dead - ad left one to assume that his death was truly horrible.

The Kid returned when Brother Blood ripped a hole between the land of the living and the dead. He also switched his allegiance between the Lords of Chaos and Order, which limited his summoning powers to only one spirit at a time for 66 seconds at a stretch. When he was captured by the Calculator and forced to summon his dead son Marvin over and over, Kit’s powers were burnt out. He was killed again when he lost his usefulness to Kuttler.


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