10 Greatest Splash Pages In Marvel Comic Book History

The most exciting full-page spreads to ever appear in the world of Marvel.

Spider Man No More
Marvel Comics

Splash pages are a vital part of the comic-reading experience.

They're the equivalent of a cinematic set piece and should be the most memorable thing in any given issue. This isn't always the case, but when they're done right, they can be mesmerising.

As they've been around since the dawn of time, Marvel Comics have given the world plenty of memorable examples of this device. This list could have been made up solely of pages from Spider-Man comics, but the Spidey gets enough attention as it is.

Stop hogging the limelight, Peter!

Marvel's other properties have plenty of great splash pages; ones that introduce new villains, display insane fight scenes, and heighten dramatic moments.

It wasn't easy to narrow this list down to 10 - it could easily have been 100 - but here are the elite few that made the cut.

10. Here’s Hobgoblin - The Amazing Spider-Man #238

Spider Man No More
Marvel Comics

When it comes to goblin-themed supervillains in the Spider-Man world, most people would probably pick the Green one.

That's mainly because Willem Dafoe did such a great job in bringing Norman Osborn's demented alter ego to life on the big screen.

Apparently, he's something of an actor himself.

However, there's another ghoulish baddie that only comic book fans will be aware of, and he made his screeching debut in The Amazing Spider-Man #238 from 1983.

The Hobgoblin becomes the spiritual successor to the Green Goblin after stumbling across a secret lair full of his old suits, gliders, and weapons. He redesigns them to fit his own purpose, turning the trademark green outfits blue and orange.

After pages of teasing, the issue concludes with an incredible page-high picture, with Hobby looking somehow even more twisted than his predecessor.

The image, created by Roger Stern and John Romita Jr., is perfect. The demented look in his eye, his hunched posture, his pointed teeth, everything about Hobgoblin's first appearance in menacing and it established him immediately as one of Spidey's new biggest foes.

The Hobster has appeared many times in the comics since his debut, but he's rarely ever looked as cool as this.

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