10 Comic Book Origin Changes Fans Hated

9. Superman

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Superman has been around for nearly a century, and because thousands of writers and artists have worked on him through the years, he's had a few tweaks made to his origin. For the most part, these changes don't enrage fans, but there was a recent modification many disliked.

In Action Comics #1, Superman was shown to be a Kryptonian infant who arrived on Earth and was immediately given a whole host of superpowers, which continued to evolve as he got older. The changes were made by subsequent creators, and showed a natural evolution of his abilities, which were granted to him by living on a planet orbiting a yellow sun.

He was later shown to be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, thanks to the low gravity on Earth, but his real power came from the "ultra-solar" rays emitted by the Sun. Fans accepted that for a long time, but an eventual tweak made it less magnificent.

The current manifestation of Superman holds that his cells work like a solar battery. Throughout his life on Earth, those cells store solar energy, which his body releases in a number of ways. This new explanation makes sense for his new Super Flare ability, as it releases all of his stored energy, but for the most part, it seemed like a needless alteration to the Man of Steel's origin.

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