10 Comic Book Supervillains Improved Through Retcon

9. Superboy-Prime - Clark Kent Of Earth Prime

Lex Luthor
DC Comics

This Superboy was found as a baby in the forest near the New England seaboard by Jerry and Naomi Kent. They named the baby Clark, even though Superman is a fictitious character in that world. Clark was often mocked, but the good-natured boy took it. Going to a costume party as a teenager with his girlfriend, Clark wore a Superman costume. At the beach party, a tidal wave swelled and threatened to destroy the small town. Just then, a cosmic vortex opened and Earth-One’s Superman was blown out. Clark’s body began to change and he developed strength and flight powers. Superman quickly taught the boy how to use his powers and the pair averted the tidal wave. They both left through the vortex.

Then, Crisis on Infinite Earths completely destroyed Clark’s universe. Having no place else to go, he accompanied Earth-Two’s Superman, Lois Lane, and Earth-Three’s Alexander Luthor into an alternate dimension. Able to observe the New Earth, the already fragile Superboy became increasingly angry and frustrated at the way the heroes were conducting themselves. He started hitting the walls and each hit changed reality on Earth. Alexander intensified his frustration and empowered him until he broke free. Prime killed many heroes, including Connor Kent, before he was finally stopped and arrested by the Green Lantern Corps.

The Batman Who Laughs recruited Superboy-Prime to use his reality-changing punches. However, Prime betrayed him. The Evil Batman tempted Prime with his own world, but he realized it meant nothing without his girlfriend or parents. He delivered on the last devastating blow, and awoke to read a comic about his death with his girlfriend suggesting they walk the dog. Happily, Prime realized he was home.


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