10 Comic Book Supervillains Who Have Died The Most

No matter how many times you try, you just can't keep a good supervillain down.

Thanos Death
Marvel Comics

Death is nothing more than an inconvenience to many supervillains. No matter how many times we see a baddie fall off a cliff or get blown up, they return a few issues later without a scratch on them.

This cliche can be traced all the way back to the Joker's origins. He seemingly died in his first appearance, but the writers saw potential in the clown, and turned him into Batman's recurring nemesis. When the Joker became one of the most iconic villains in all of comics, writers created a slew of supervillains who all had an uncanny ability to cheat death.

Making a villain return from the dead isn't just a gimmick; it's business. The only thing that drives up comic sales more than the death of a character is the return of a seemingly deceased character. As a result, some villains have a habit of dying dozens of times. They get decapitated, obliterated on an atomic level, and cremated, and yet they refuse to shuffle off their mortal coil. Here are a collection of supervillains who redefine the word "comeback".

10. Klaw

Thanos Death

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ulysses Klaw (spelt "Klaue" in the films), is an arms-dealer who has a sonic disruptor built into his prosthetic hand. But in the comics, Klaw is far more powerful. After entering an sonic converter, Klaw's body was transformed into pure sound, allowing him to manipulate all auditory frequencies.

Not only that, Klaw is virtually immortal. Even if Klaw is seemingly destroyed, he will simply reconstitute his body. Klaw has been killed after he was consumed into his sonic disruptor by Carol Danvers, slashed to pieces by Carnage, dissipated by Black Panther, destroyed by Dazzler, drowned in the Pacific Ocean, and absorbed by Galactus's computer.

But so long as there is sound in the universe, Klaw cannot die for long. Based on that logic, you might think Klaw can only be truly killed by destroying him in a vacuum.

Nope. That just makes him go dormant. Once his consciousness detects the slightest sound, he will reform. He may not be the deadliest supervillain, but the heroes of Earth still see him as a formidable foe, since they have no idea how to put him down for good.

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