10 Comic Book Supervillains Who Have Died The Most

7. Thanos

Thanos Death
Marvel Comics

Thanos may be Marvel's Big Bad, but that doesn't mean he hasn't snuffed it plenty of times. He was killed for the first time in Avengers Annual #7, when Adam Warlock turned him to granite.

During the Annihilation storyline, Drax killed Thanos by ripping his heart out. When Drax learned Thanos had been resurrected, he killed the Mad Titan again with an antimatter bomb.

Since Thanos is clearly addicted to resurrections, he came back to life. When Annihilus hurled him into a portal outside space and time, the Mad Titan realised he would inevitably go insane (or more so) surrounded by nothingness -and so he blew his head off.

Upon his fourth resurrection, Thanos learned Doctor Doom had been endowed with godly energy. When the purple world-ender challenged him to battle, Doom ripped out Thanos' spine.

When Doom lost his godhood, the universe was rewritten, allowing Thanos to live once more. He was killed shortly after when his adopted daughter, Gamora, decapitated him. Although he was resurrected in the body of his brother, Eros, he was seemingly killed after being sucked into a black hole. Dying isn't a big deal for Thanos, though, so he should be back to his old evil self in a couple of months.

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