10 Comic Books That Are Definitely Not For Kids

This list is not for the feint hearted.


How many times have you been told that comic books are just for kids? It’s something older readers have to put up with constantly, but is it a fair statement to make? Well... No.

Even with the huge following the medium has had recently, thanks to various movie franchises and TV shows, the comic book industry still offers emotional, grounded and sometimes raunchy stories that are definitely not for children.

Unfortunately, these adult themed books aren’t always the best sellers. Comic book stores (especially chains) tend to keep a more family friendly selection, and rarely have the titles prominently displayed. This has meant some brilliant stories have been cancelled early, or are only commissioned for short runs as publishers aren’t as willing to take the financial risk.

That being said, some titles have been more deserving of cancellation than others. Many writers use the mature label as an excuse to be as crude and gory as they can, neglecting the story completely. There are some however, that find themselves in their element and provide us with some of the most emotional and exciting stories.

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