10 Comic Characters Who Have Beaten The Batman

Well, he can't win EVERY time.

DC Comics

Man, God or super-villain, who's the toughest guy in the DC Universe? Chances are, if you ask the man on the street, the answer will be Batman. With a little prep time, The Dark Knight, they say, could defeat anyone.

And certainly, we're looking at a man who's beaten up everyone from Superman to the whole Justice League, all the way through to Aliens, Predators and entire rogue galleries - both his own and everyone else's.

This isn't always the case though. The bigger they are, as the saying goes, the harder they fall. And when you've been around as long as Batman, you're bound to take a few lumps every now and then.

And isn't that the point of Batman, after all? While it is all part of the character's appeal to fancy that this particular man could stand toe-to-toe with the Gods, it does somewhat diminish his humanity if he wins every damn time.

10. Superman

DC Comics

Especially after the alarmingly one-sided Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, it's a common opinion that, should he so fancy, The Dark Knight could beat the paste out of the Man of Steel. Thankfully, this isn't always the case, no matter what Frank Miller might have you believe.

Indeed, Superman has beaten Batman plenty of times, both in-universe (The Dark Knight #5, Superman/Batman #33, Action Comics #829) and out (Red Son, Lex Luthor: Man Of Steel), usually while one or the other of them is possessed, drugged or evil.

Batman's most staggering defeat comes in the pages of the videogame spin-off Injustice (in the comic of the same name), with alt-Superman breaking alt-Batman over his knee like a twig - and in the Batcave, no less.

Maybe he should have tried the old 'Martha' bomb.

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