10 Comic Characters You Won't Believe Joined The Justice League

Angels, Demons, Supervillains; they've all been part of the Justice League.

Lex Luthor Justice League
DC Comics

The Justice League has been active for six decades. Unsurprisingly, nearly every incarnation of the team has had Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman as members, as well as usually containing some combination of the main roster.

However, nearly every hero you could fathom has been a Leaguer at one point or another in history. Metamorpho. Vixen. The Wonder Twins. They've all had the honour to fight alongside the world's finest.

But every now and again, there is a character on the team that seems somewhat out of place. And it's not because they are obscure or they can't hold their own. There are some Leaguers that are just... weird. On several occasions, the League allowed supervillains and murderers on their team.

At one point, they have allied with a literal angel. We all know that the writers have to keep the stories fresh by introducing new characters and fresh faces into the roster, but it's crazy that space-dogs and tyrannical aliens have teamed up with the world's most respected superheroes.

Here are some comic book characters that you won't believe joined the Justice League.

10. Atomica

Lex Luthor Justice League
DC Comics

When DC Comics launched the New 52, they created a female version of The Atom called Rhonda Pineda, AKA Atomica. When the diminutive super-heroine helped the heroes of Earth stop the Atlanteans from invading the surface, she was sworn into the Justice League.

After the League discovered a mysterious artefact called Pandora's Box that could access other universes, Atomica revealed her true intentions. She isn't a super-heroine at all. She's a complete psychopath who enjoys torturing children. You know what the crazy thing is? That's not the worst part!

Atomica is from a universe where every person is evil. She activated Pandora's Box to allow her team, a twisted version of the Justice League called the Crime Syndicate, to invade the world.

Thankfully, the forces of Earth managed to defeat the Syndicate, and Lex Luthor killed Atomica by crushing her with his foot.

In hindsight, it seems careless that the League allowed Atomica into their inner circle considering they knew nothing about her. However, this wasn't the first time the League welcomed a villain into the group, and it certainly wasn't the last.


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