10 Comic Heroes You Weren't Supposed To Like

Alan Moore really didn't see the Rorschach fanboys coming.

DC Comics

Throughout the history of comic books, there has always been one recurring theme regardless of the era, or even the property. Whether Marvel or DC, Dark Horse or any other, comic books have generally always operated around the idea of good vs evil. A hero against a villain.

The likes of Captain America, the epitome of all that is good and right, and Superman, the embodiment of hope, perfectly capture this idea of the virtuous at one side of the spectrum, against the likes of Red Skull and Lex Luthor at the opposite side - however not all heroes are that cut and dry. There are certainly exceptions to this rule.

There are many heroes throughout the pages of comics that, although classed as heroes, were never designed to be liked. Some started life as villains, while others' loyalties were far more ambiguous, and some were certainly super heroes, just with wildly unlikeable personalities.

In some cases, in spite of such characters being created as far from virtuous, fans have ignored such intentions and found a way to love them anyway. This highlights how wonderfully interpretive comic books can be, as fans have even found ways to disagree with creators over the very characters they created.

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