10 Comics That Never Got An Ending

Every comics has a first issue but not all of them will get a last one....

Daredevil The Target
Marvel Comics/Glenn Fabry

Most comic stories appear in monthly ongoing titles that will never have an ending by their very nature. Readers can say with almost complete certainty that Batman and Spider-Man are not suddenly going to stop mid-story.

However, there is no such thing as an absolute in life and there are certain books, usually mini-series or relaunches, that will only publish a few issues and then stop. Readers and retailers will wait patiently for word of the next issue, but despite assurances from the publishers that it's just around the corner, nothing ever materializes.

The problem is more prevalent in Indie comics, where the characters tend to exist within a creative vacuum that has little to no effect on the shared universe the larger publishers cultivate. Publishers neither cancel these books nor do they reference the events of them in other titles.

These books exist in a strange publishing purgatory where only fans and the obsessive's lament what might have been or still cling to the hope of reading any conclusion, satisfying or otherwise.

10. Cla$$ War

Daredevil The Target

The world changed in the wake of the tragedy of September 11th, 2001. One of the most critical things to come out from this was the American Military-industrial complex, and the role it had played behind the scenes of the world’s political stage. The people were waking up to crimes their governments had committed in their name, and they were not happy.

This change in attitudes would be reflected in every form of media, nowhere more so than in comics, where American icons like Captain America and Superman would make perfect stand-ins for the country’s foreign policy. One must only look at the ideas and themes that would permeate Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch's The Ultimates to see this.

While this was going on, Rob Williams and a small British company called Com.X would put out a counterpoint called Cla$$ War, which instead asked what would happen if Capitan America decided to act against a corrupt government regime? To this end, he created The American, a hybrid of Steve Rogers and Superman, and would have him expose and battle his countries covert atrocities.

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