10 Comics Villains Who CHEATED Their Powers

9. Prometheus Using A Helmet To Download Heroes' Fighting Tactics

Riddler Batman
Rocksteady/Carlos D'Anda

Some villains cheat their powers to gain a momentary advantage, and some dirty boys base their entire power set around being a little sneak. Guess which one of those categories Prometheus falls into?

Prometheus was created as a dark mirror to Batman. As a child, his parents, both of whom were career criminals, were gunned down in a police shootout right in front of him. In response, he became an anarchic supervillain determined to waging war on all civilized society.

If you're wondering what any of this has to do with the myth of Prometheus...join the club.

Anywho, Prometheus' main gimmick is that he's a nasty cheater who, rather than take on Batman with his own skills and inevitably get his ass thrashed, he instead made a special helmet which downloads the fighting styles and techniques of various heroes and villains directly into his head.

So you could be fighting the nimble assassin style of Deathstroke one minute, and the unstoppable precision of Lady Shiva the next. All because this dude is too lazy to take a karate class.


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