10 Criminally Underrated Super Teams In DC Comics

Not every team can be A-list material. That doesn't mean they don't deserve some attention.

Doom Patrol
DC Comics

No one hero can do it alone. Certainly, there's something intrinsically appealing about a character who doesn't need help and walks a solitary path, but ultimately, even superheroes are social creatures. It's no surprise, then, that both comic book heroes and villains look to unite socially.

Even someone with a reputation like Batman has no less than fourty-six supporting players. Combine five or six Robins (depending on how far down the reboot-hole you wish to travel) with the likes of Huntress, Oracle and Alfred, and it's clear that Gotham's Caped Crusader has an entire network supporting him.

Perhaps the most famous of these cliques is the Justice League of America. Founded by the top-tier heroes within the DC Universe, the league has been a stalwart piece of DC since its inception. That being said, the league gets plenty of attention, as does their younger counterparts, the Teen Titans.

Rather than going through those teams again, let's take the opportunity to look at the dynamics of other teams on both sides of the morality spectrum that populate the DC Universe. Teams that have a fond place in hearts of older readers, or simply don't have the level of notoriety that more famous groups have found.

10. Green Lantern Corps

Doom Patrol
DC Comics/Doug Mahnke

Starting off is perhaps the only group on this list that may not be considered a conventional team, the Green Lantern Corps is often overlooked because of the nature of its job. The known universe according to the Guardians has been divided into 3,600 sectors, with two lanterns designated to protect each sector.

However, as the threats within the universe grew, the Green Lanterns were forced to consolidate their forces, fending off threats such as the Sinestro Corps, the rage of the Red Lanterns, and the Blackest Night event.

Green Lanterns are effectively trained to police areas throughout the galaxy, and when they come together, it shows. The corps consistently work in unison to bring one another up. Senior members were able to quickly teach new recruits to overcome the Yellow imperfection when Oa itself was under threat. Similarly, the group reacted with tactical retreat manoeuvres when a Sinestro Corps member began picking them off with sniper fire.

The Guardians of the Universe are often criticised for being emotionally distant - a great irony considering their place as the balance of the emotional spectrum - but their methods have proven results, with the greatest intergalactic force throughout the DC Universe.

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