10 Daredevil Moments That Shocked The World

We'd all steal Doctor Doom's identity if we thought we could get away with it.

Marvel Comics

Daredevil seems to have the worst luck when it comes to shocking events surrounding him - or the best luck, depending on how much you enjoy seeing the Man Without Fear suffer. Matt Murdock's life is volatile in every aspect - his work, his superhero career, and his love life - and this more often than not leads to moments where all three go wrong, and create a uniquely awful - and uniquely fascinating - scenario.

For a man whose entire life is metaphorically an endless series of car crashes, Murdock manages to always make the best of a bad situation, leading just as many fans to be invested in seeing just how Daredevil will react to all the wild events that happen to him just as much as fans invest in seeing the weird and wild events themselves.

With a history that makes being possessed by demons, becoming Doctor Doom, and paralysing his arch-enemy look like just another day in the office, it can at least never be said that Daredevil is a boring superhero - just that he might want to consider a therapy session (or five).


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