10 Disturbing Times Superheroes Lost It

10. The Justice League Try To Kill Batman - Batman: Endgame

DC Comics

As we've discussed before, Batman is almost always thinking about killing his friends in the Justice League. But what if the tables were turned, and the Justice League were filled with the unstoppable urge to murder the Caped Crusader? Thanks to Joker and his nasty Joker toxin, this is exactly what goes down in Batman: Endgame.

Batman may be a tactical genius and the world's greatest detective, but even he is physically outmatched against a team made of Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, and Aquaman, all hopped up on murder gas. Thankfully, Bruce Wayne has learned a thing or two from his Frank Miller years, and made sure to join the fight in a big bulky mecha-suit.

Although he manages to subdue the other three, Superman proves to be more of a challenge. You never want to be at the mercy of the Man of Steel, especially not a Man of Steel who has completely lost the plot and won't rest until you have been utterly demolished.

So how does Batman save himself this time? With one of the most old-school deus ex machinas of all time: he spits chewing gum in Superman's eye. Chewing gum laced with Kryptonite, of course. Because that's something Batman just happens to have in his mouth. Because Batman.


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