10 Dumbest Changes Made To Iconic Comic Characters

9. Sue Storm's 90's Costume

Fantastic Four Invisible Woman Redesign
Marvel Comics

The Fantastic Four's costume has always been pretty simple, it's just a blue jumpsuit with a 4 on it. So how on Earth could someone get it so horribly wrong?

It's a pretty common trope that female character's costumes are often more revealing than men's, but Sue's 90's costume embraces that trope to the point of parody. It's not just that it shows of so much skin, it's how random in placement it is. Everything from the straps of material on her arms and legs, to the giant hole in her midriff, make it look like her costume fell apart in the wash and she's just too embarrassed to tell anyone.

Of course, none of that can compare to the almost majestic stupidity of the 4-shaped boob window. No wonder she's the Invisible Woman, who would ever want to be seen in a ridiculous costume?

It was a pretty desperate attempt to get the book to appeal to teenage boys and what makes it awkward is how badly the costume fits with Sue's character. She's supposed to be an equal on the team, a tough but caring figure who acts as a mother figure to her teammates and also is an actual mother, and yet everyone else gets a full-body costume while she's left running around in a bikini.

Heck, by this point even The Thing was wearing a shirt and he used to fight crime in his underpants.


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