10 Essential Horror Comics Fans Must Read

From the big two and beyond, these are illustrated horror's most essential reads.

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It's just a few days left until Halloween, and that means it's time to talk about some spooky stuff. I mean, we can ALWAYS talk about spooky stuff, but when it gets near Halloween, it's something of a requirement that you do that primarily.

But when the Halloween season rolls around, you don't just want any schlock to pass the season with. That might be fun for a get together with your friends, but what about when you're craving something... essential? Something that all other horror media aspire to be? And what if you want it in comic book form?

As we've discussed throughout this month, comics and horror go hand in hand, and have done so since the beginning. As such there are tons of horror comics that everyone has heard about and need to read at least once. The horror comics that are about as close to being household names as comic books - and horror comics at that - can get.

If you read any horror comics this month, make sure that it's one of these stone cold classics.

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