10 Essential Manga You Need To Read Before You Die

There's nothing better than the panels of a good manga!

20th Century Boys Manga

Those who are lucky enough to live in the modern world are utterly spoiled with storytelling devices, ranging from movies to comic books (and even regular books). But one of the most unique and exciting experiences you can have, can be found in the pages of a manga.

Manga is an art form that is explosive in some areas of the world but overlooked in others. Throughout the medium's history, there have been many stories that have gone on to be iconic, spawning shows, movies and lots of attention. They are so iconic that the thought of avid readers missing out on them is heartbreaking.

The coming mangas are truly exceptional, as they generated fascinating worlds, visuals and legacies. Of course, countless other classics deserve your attention as well, but if you're a freshly blooming manga fanatic, then these are some of your best options for starting out and need to be ticked off your list.


As a precursor, long-term manga like One Piece, Naruto, Bleach and Dragon Ball Z won't be included, in favour of shorter/more accessible series'. But they deserve honourable mention.

10. A Silent Voice (Yoshitoki Ōima)

20th Century Boys Manga

This is the kind of story that can reach anyone, no matter what walk of life you're from. While "teen drama" can often be a source for eye rolls, your eyes will be too busy tearing up when reading this one, thanks to its relatable and sentimental narrative.

A Silent Voice follows a young man named Shoya, who suffers from a troubled past. You learn that he bullied a deaf girl in his youth and was ostracised by his classmates as a result. Years later, after almost taking his own life, he looks to make amends by becoming friends with the girl and redeeming his mistakes.

From that synopsis, you can probably tell what kind of experience this story is, and you're right on the money. It tackles its troubling subject matter with a raw honesty that's admirable, yet still manages to introduce a nice amount of humour to keep it fun.

The illustrations all have a sense of subtlety that makes the characters actions and mannerisms feel authentic and personal. It's a genuinely moving tale and not one to be missed.

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