10 Franchises Kept Alive By Comic Books

Escaping Death, One Panel At A Time...

james bond hammerhead

Though the comic book industry may be most famous for introducing the heroes, villains and everything in-between of the big two (Marvel and DC), there are numerous other franchises which have made the medium, in one form or another, their home.

Some of these franchises have used comics to fill the gaps in content (whether that be TV shows, movies or video games) or alternatively make them their new home for stories that have long since departed from their main continuity, giving fans more of the characters they love during the years that the studio/developers work on the next big thing that their universe has to offer, or, in some cases, keep said characters alive if there is nothing left to come.

Whatever the case may be, the medium has certainly proved that, as long as you have the right talents behind the books, it is brilliantly suited to any universe, storyline or Death Star that you throw at it...


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